We'll Organically Grow Your Instagram For You

No bots or fake accounts. We introduce your account to tens of thousands of relevant users each month.

The result is that our clients gain 1k-3k real and engaged followers each month.

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How It Works

Define Your Target Audience

Your account manager will work with you to tightly define your ideal audience so that you only gain relevant users.

We Get Their Attention

We’ll engage with (follow, like and unfollow) your target audience to get their attention via Instagram notifications.

Your Account Will Grow

The end result is that our clients gain an average of 1k-3k real, engaged followers each month.

Client Examples

Scroll through these screenshots to see client examples or read our monthly report with more detailed growth graphs.

Since we’re an organic service, growth can vary significantly depending on the content quality and niche.

Want an estimate of your account’s growth potential? Feel free to chat with one of our team members.

The FanBump Advantage

100% Organic Growth

No bots or fake followers. We use genuine marketing to attract real, relevant people to your profile.

Account Management

You’re more than a number at our agency – you’ll have a dedicated person to answer questions and provide tips.

Grow on Auto-Pilot

Unlike other services, we do all of the growth work for you while you focus on creating great content.

Our Team of Experts

In the last few years, our team has grown Instagram accounts by millions of followers.


Simple pricing, major results.

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